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Harmony Lodge, 486 North Road, Ormond 3204

2008 Harmony Lodge

Rosicrucian Order (Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis)
Harmony Lodge, 486 North Road, Ormond 3204
Phone (03) 9578 5833 (Answering machine)
Email Secretary: melbourne@amorc.org.au


Every 4th Saturday of the month (except December) at 6.45 pm for 7 pm.

Drop in for refreshments and a chat about the Rosicrucian philosophy to about 8pm, or earlier, as you wish. Information, Q and A. No hard sell.

If you’re coming, let us know by 6.30 pm on the day – phone 9578 5833.

AMORC is a world-wide, non-profit, non-sectarian, apolitical and educational community of men and women devoted to the investigation, study and practical application of natural and spiritual laws.
Our goal is to enable everyone to live in harmony with creative, cosmic forces for the maintenance of health, peace and happiness, furthering the evolution of humanity by developing individual potential.
To this end we offer a comprehensive system of instruction and guidance for exploring the inner self and discovering the universal laws that govern all human endeavours.
Our teachings are based on the collective ancient wisdom and current knowledge of many of the world’s most respected philosophers, artists and scientists.

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